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Kickstarter Preview

We are extremely pleased to present this early preview of our upcoming heroic scale 28mm series of high quality resin figures. The initial offering will feature over 150 different figures and terrain pieces, each wonderfully sculpted in heroic scale 28mm and produced in high quality, durable, vacuum cast resin.   As with everything we do at First Legion, our goal is to produce the finest quality figures we can at prices that are extremely favorable relative to that quality.   Simply put, you will not find better figures at a better price than you will on our Kickstarter.

The figures will range from individual character models to full units for tabletop wargames and are of a quality that even the most discerning painters will enjoy putting their brushes to them.   So buy a few orcs for your RPG gaming, or buy 12 different ones including a leader, musician, and standard bearer for a full unit for wagames with lots of variety to keep it visually interesting, it's entirely up to you. 

Our Artistic Process

Our fantasy figures are superlatively sculpted and produced in extremely high quality, durable casting resin (similar in properties to PVC plastic but with superior detail).   As we prepare our Kickstarter, it's important to note that we work a bit differently than many companies when it comes to the process to achieve the artistry of our figures.    Our "concept" drawings are really only a functional guide providing our digital artists with a general look of what we are trying to achieve.   It's during the digital sculpting phase where the main part of the artistry occurs.  


Invariably, our Sculpts and the resulting resin figures are far superior to the line drawing concept work from which they originate as our sculptors are the true artists in the process.  


As our Kickstarter contains many figures for which the 3d modeling has not yet been done, we feel that it's important not only to explain this, but to show some examples of what we're talking about.   As you can see from the images below, the concept work is just that.  A general concept.   The resulting final figure is far superior.  Please bear this in mind when viewing the contents of the KS!   

From Concept.... 3D Model... finished figure.


The flow from concepts to 3d models to finished high quality resin figure is an iterative process that produces dramatic results.  One item that makes our figures truly special is that the finished figure is invariably superior to the concept art that inspired it. 


From Concept.... 3D Model... finished figure.


From Concept.... 3D Model... finished figure.


From Concept.... 3D Model... finished figure.


Why Kickstarter?

As a long established business with a proven track record of success, why have we decided to launch this new series of figures via Kickstarter?    First, this is a new market space for us and while we have an excellent brand name and reputation in 60mm hand painted historical figures, 28mm Fantasy is a completely different segment of the market which most likely will not be familiar with our brand.    Kickstarter will allow us a higher level of exposure and the ability to offer superb figures at a great price in order to get our products into the hands of as many people as possible.  We are confident that once folks receive the figures, they'll love them and more organic growth and expansion  can follow.   Second, as you can see from the amount of work already completed, we've invested quite heavily into the development of this new series.   Kickstarter will allow us to offer a larger initial release of products than we would otherwise be able to do and thus help the series develop more rapidly.   Roughly half of the figures in the initial launch are already modeled, we need your help with our Kickstarter to finish the other half.   

Extremely High Quality Resin Casts

We understand that many folks are a bit leery of purchasing figures of only images of 3d Models.  This is one of the reasons that we have modeled so many of the figures in advance and made casts of them, so that we can cleary show the quality of what you will receive when backing our kickstarter.     Here the highlights:

- Extremely high quality casting resin with properties similar to ABS plastic, but more highly detailed.

- Vacuum cast with high quality silicon molds.  NOT spin cast, which is cheaper for production, but lower quality results

- Paint ready when you receive them, NONE of the oily release agents that can be found on poorly produced resin figures

Buy with confidence, you will not be disappointed!

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