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Video Figure Review Done by "The Station"

The review below as done by Russian gaming media outlet, "The Station".   While it's in Russian language, you can use the auto translate to get English (or other) subtitles which actually works quite well.    Worth a watch for sure as it shows a lot of high def video of many figures including parts breakdown, how to assemble, etc.... Great production value!

Kirill Kanaev, famous and ridiculously talented Russian figure painted posted about them on his facebook page upon receiving a few figures. 

Artem Romanov (@paintinfected on instagram - check him out!) posted some images of figures he is painting.   He too is inredibly talented.  

Review from Miniwarpaint From VK.COM is essentially a Russian Language Facebook.    Here is a link to the original review on that website and the English translation below.  Review and images courtesy of Sergey Papkov of Miniwarpaint.
Miniwarpaint Review of First Legion 28mm Figures

A couple of weeks ago me and my friend Usov managed to make a raid on the First Legion studio. Well, in fact, Konstantin had been inviting us for three weeks, if not more His office is close to our homes but our schedules are too busy. He called us for a reason: to show the models that the First Legion is preparing for the market launch and for Kickstarter ( And these are fantasy models...

Usually fantasy in our country is… well, let’s call it "thing in itself." And when people who are far from fantasy, who are normally engaged in historical miniature, decide to make fantasy models, my reaction is usually not good... but here it’s different. But first things first.  I saw some of these miniatures before, as Konstantin already brought them to different exhibitions. So, when I was heading to his office, I already had an idea of what I would see. But not fully. 

First, First Legion is going to do the models in several scales. In 28, in 75, and in between. A number of models will be presented in several scales. Second, the models will be very different. The impression is that different sculptors worked on them (as can be seen both in style and some technical points), so different models seem suitable for different game systems. Something look perfect for RPG, something goes well with AoS. And some models seem to me to be close in their style to the Black Sun models.  And third, they are all 3D modeled and cast in resin, so they have brilliant detailing. And as for the models that were modeled for 75mm and later reduced to 35mm, their detailing is unbelievable. 

Sculpt is pure delight in 90%. Done by people who really knew what fantasy was, maybe even grew up on it. My inner hamster almost went crazy. I wanted everything. And even after 2 weeks, I still want it all. Konstantin has provided us with some things, and we will review them very soon. I’m going to start with a model from the line I like the most. Well, almost the most. 


First Legion has a number of figures perfectly suitable for RPGs. Well, maybe they were not specifically designed for, but they cry out to become RPG characters. In the line I saw (as far as I remember) a cleric-like figure, a dwarf, and that type of warrior, that looks undoubtly like a ranger to me. 

The figure consists of 5 parts, has three heads to choose from and a stand. The casting quality is amazing. Compatibility is wonderful. You may have a little trouble with the sticking of hands near the handle of a sword. On the photo you can notice some gaps, but that’s because I have assembled the figure not with glue but with bluetack. Because if the figure is assembled, I will not be able to paint it normally, and if I do not paint it, my inner hamster would blame me. I’m not going to write more, the pictures speak by themselves. The last photo shows comparison with the figures from Descent. As you can see it fits great not only in size, but also stylistically. 

There will be more pictures and reviews very soon, because Konstantin has generously provide us with a lot. And if you say: “they bought you and had you write paid reviews”… well, who would not be bought with such models?

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